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Planswell client spotlight: Ashley Fulton

Ashley Fulton is the Director of Good Vibes at Make Lemonade, a coworking space designed for women to create, dream and get sh*t done. She has experience running her own business, previously launching Jar Time, a food delivery service which makes life easier by delivering delicious salads directly to your office. She is driven by her passion for supporting women-led businesses, while also creating the perfect charcuterie board, and continuously becoming more financially literate.  

We sat down with Ashley to chat about the importance of money, and the daily role it plays in her life. Here’s what she had to say.


1. What money lessons did you learn from your parents?

“My parents always spoke about the importance of investing. I knew they invested quite a bit. I understood the importance of working hard in order to buy the things I wanted. I saw the correlation of working hard and and the money that comes from it.”


2. How did you feel about money as a child, teenager, and young adult?

“As a child I was weirdly obsessive with saving all of my money. I babysat and did odd jobs, while making sure to keep every dollar. I was always very interested in investing, in what you can do more with your money.”


3. What is your attitude toward money today?

“I see the correlation between money and a comfortable life. It isn’t intimidating, but it is something that you need. My attitude now is to look into your savings, and your investing. Staying educated. You can’t really wait till you’re older to get your finances in order. Being educated now is really going to help me in the future.”


4. How do you feel when you hear the word money?

“I don’t really have a ton of connotations around the word money. I think of it as a tool that can help you live a comfortable life.”


5. Why is it important for women to learn about money?

“To be educated on money can allow for so much growth for women. There’s a bigger story for education on financial situations, as it leads to independence and having control of your own finances. It’s also incredibly important to not be scared or intimidated of money.”


6. What would you tell your 20-year old self about money?

“Not to be intimidated. You have the ability to be just as financially savvy as anyone else.”


7. What are the biggest money challenges facing women?

“I’d say the stereotypes. Limited resources. Negativity, and the feelings around money that many women do have. Plus feeling the need to be dependent on others.


8. How did you hear about Planswell, and why do you love our mission?

Planswell came to our coworking space, Make Lemonade, to present a Lunch and Learn. I was hooked right from the beginning. They had the tools that I knew I not only needed, but wanted. Everyone and everything is so transparent. It’s very easy to ask questions, and I feel as though I have control over what my financial future is going to be.”

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