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Planswell’s top 10 favourite mom influencers of 2018

Table of Contents
1. Erica Weidelich (@ericaweidelich) 2. Autumn G. (@lattesanddaughters) 3. Nikki Cowan (@nikkiandmikki) 4. Breanna Perkins Weston (@breannapw) 5. Daniela Arevlo (@dreaminginsatin) 6. Katie-Rose (@thewilddecoelis) 7. Leisse Wilcox (@leissewilcox) 8. Sheridan Ingalls (@sheridaningalls) 9. Keisha Lynne (@lovinglittlesblog) 10. Jenn Eppachan (@goldismyneutral)

Everyone loves a “Top 10” list, and here at Planswell we are no exception. As we reach the final weeks of the year, we’ve put together our favourite Canadian Influencer moms of 2018, in no particular order. From beautiful content to helpful tips, here are a few women you should probably start following as soon as possible.


1. Erica Weidelich (@ericaweidelich)

First on our list is Erica, a 28 year old mama living in Toronto. She and her husband Colin recently became the parents to a sweet little boy, Smith, and are giving us serious baby fever. If you need some beautiful content in your life, Erica’s Instagram is a good place to start.  

2. Autumn G. (@lattesanddaughters)

Meet Lattes and Daughters, aka Autumn. A Canadian mom of not one, not two, but three daughters, Autumn’s Instagram delivers amazing content, packed full of of healthy living and wellness tips. Talk about super mom.


3. Nikki Cowan (@nikkiandmikki)

Nikki’s Instagram posts are a window into her family life with her husband and their daughter. You’re likely to come across photos of adorable mother-daughter matching outfits, as well as their adventures around Ontario. Stay tuned for her upcoming blog in the new year!


4. Breanna Perkins Weston (@breannapw)

Brenna of Breanna and Co, lives in Toronto with her husband John, and their daughter Everly Adelaide.  Her social pages dives into her family’s lifestyle in the city, while also sharing the highs and lows of motherhood.


5. Daniela Arevlo (@dreaminginsatin)

Daniela Arvelo is the mama to three little girls, and the driving force behind Dreaming in Satin. Located in downtown Toronto, she and her family focus on the importance of a balanced life. From tips and tricks to making life a little easier at home, to how to nurture the parent-child relationship, Daniela shows us how to live creatively.


6. Katie-Rose (@thewilddecoelis)

Katie-Rose of The Wild Decoelis shines the spotlight on her family and their adventures on the east coast of Canada. Her husband Rob shares his tips in the kitchen, while Katie-Rose focuses on motherhood and all things fashion and beauty. Together, they’ve created a page that is a one-stop space for any parent to feel comfortable, accepted, and knowledgeable.


7. Leisse Wilcox (@leissewilcox)

Leisse Wilcox is a writer and mindset coach from a tiny beachfront town east of Toronto. A mom of three lovely girls, her passion is working with women to help them dig deep, get clear and confident with who they really are, help them find, express, and use their voice for good, in a lifestyle-friendly way. Leisse also raises her daughters to understand the incredibly important value of money – check out her tips on how to talk about money here.


8. Sheridan Ingalls (@sheridaningalls)

Originally from Ottawa, Sheridan Ingalls is a mother of two currently living  in Nova Scotia. She and her husband Matthew are the proud parents of Kaia and Theodore. As she helps people navigate through the crazy, beautiful journey of motherhood, Sheridan’s Instagram page will definitely provide some much needed honesty and inspiration in your life.


9. Keisha Lynne (@lovinglittlesblog)

With roots in Nova Scotia, but now living on the coast of British Columbia, Keisha Lynne is the mother behind Loving Littles Blog and a force to be reckoned with.  On her blog and Instagram, Kiesha shares her stories of style, beauty, DIY, and everything in between. A mother of two, married to her highschool sweetheart, Loving Littles Blog is sure to tug on your heart strings.


10. Jenn Eppachan (@goldismyneutral)

Jenn is a mother, wife, and blogger living in downtown Toronto. Her love for fashion grew into the creation of Gold is my Neutral, where Jenn shares her favourite styles and outfit tips, as well as motherhood, beauty, and health. Needless to say, if you aren’t following her already, you definitely should be.


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