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The Best Places to Retire in Mississippi

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Sweet Southern Cities       A Couple Quaint Towns Cost of Life in the Magnolia State Making Mississippi Retirement Happen

When one thinks of the best places to retire in Mississippi, images of picturesque towns, vibrant cultures, and serene landscapes come to mind. Dubbed the ‘Magnolia State’, Mississippi offers retirees a refreshing mix of southern charm and affordable living. While some states boast bustling metropolises or grand mountain vistas, Mississippi brings to the table a unique blend of hospitality, culture, and history that is quintessentially American.

But it’s not just about the appeal of its scenic beauty or its rich history. A closer look reveals that retiring in Mississippi can also make a lot of financial sense. According to national averages, the cost of living here is substantially lower than many parts of the United States. For those seeking a retirement that balances comfort, community, and affordability, the Magnolia State beckons as a promising option.

Sweet Southern Cities

Southern Cities      

Mississippi, often associated with its vast landscapes and timeless countryside, is also home to several cities that beautifully capture the essence of urban living blended with southern hospitality. For those pondering Mississippi retirement in a more urban setting, you’ll be pleased to know there’s much to offer.

Jackson: As the state capital and its largest city, Jackson is a nexus of culture, politics, and history. Its diverse neighborhoods and bustling downtown area provide retirees with ample entertainment, from art galleries to live music venues. The housing costs in Jackson remain so far below the national average you might not even believe it. The average home there sells for under $70,000! However, as with many urban centers, it’s essential to be informed about varying crime rates in different neighborhoods before deciding where to live.


Biloxi: Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi is not just a city by the sea but a hub of entertainment and relaxation. The city is renowned for its casinos, beachfronts, and historic sites. With the gentle lapping of ocean waves as a background score, retirees can indulge in the best of coastal living without the typically hefty price tag. Housing costs here are competitive, especially when considering the prime waterfront locations available. (Though at $230,000, the average home here feels expensive compared to Jackson.) 


Gulfport: Just a stone’s throw from Biloxi, Gulfport boasts its share of attractions. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means retirees have easy access to pristine beaches, fresh seafood, and numerous water activities. The community is vibrant and welcoming, with a blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. Housing costs are slightly lower than in Biloxi, making the duo a desirable choice for those seeking coastal urban living.

These cities, each with its unique offerings, showcase why Mississippi is not just about rural tranquility. For retirees looking to enjoy urban amenities without sacrificing the warmth of southern hospitality, Mississippi’s cities provide an enticing option. With lower housing costs in comparison to many other U.S cities and the added advantage of the state’s overall affordability, the allure of urban living in the Magnolia State becomes even more evident.

A Couple Quaint Towns

small towns in mississippi

Mississippi, with its rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures, is home to numerous small towns that resonate with charm and history, beckoning those searching for a serene, slower-paced retirement. Delving into these gems, it’s easy to see why they’re gaining attention among retirement communities in Mississippi.

Natchez: Sitting high above the Mississippi River, Natchez is a testament to times gone by. Its antebellum homes and historic streets are reminiscent of a bygone era. With easy access to the great Mississippi River, retirees can indulge in river cruises, fishing, or simply enjoy the breathtaking sunsets over the waters. The slower-paced life here lets retirees revel in the beauty of the present moment.


Oxford: A literary haven, Oxford is the epitome of southern elegance. Known as the home of famed writer William Faulkner, this town offers a rich cultural scene with its book festivals and artsy cafes. Nearby, the Holly Springs National Forest provides nature enthusiasts with an expansive state park to explore. For those considering the pros and cons of small town living, the eclectic mix of history, culture, and nature in Oxford can be compelling.

Bay St. Louis: A picturesque coastal town, Bay St. Louis is dotted with quaint boutiques, art galleries, and beachside eateries. Retirees here enjoy the perfect blend of beach life and small-town coziness. With its unique events, like the Crab Fest and Arts Alive festival, there’s always something to engage in.

One of the undeniable pros of settling in these towns is the immersion into communities that radiate warmth and hospitality. While some might argue the cons include fewer urban amenities, the truth remains that the quality of life in these environments, marked by genuine connections and nature’s beauty, often outweighs what larger cities offer.

In the end, if a harmonious blend of history, culture, and nature is what you’re seeking, then Mississippi’s quaint towns could be the answer to your retirement dreams. Embrace a life that’s unhurried, rich in experiences, and nestled close to the beauty of the Mississippi River and its surroundings.

Cost of Life in the Magnolia State

Mississippi River

Mississippi stands out in the United States not just for its cultural charm and natural beauty, but also for its affordability, especially for retirees. Diving deep into the numbers and benefits, you’ll find that the Magnolia State offers one of the most budget-friendly retirement experiences.

A significant draw for many retirees is the state’s stance on state income taxes. Mississippi taxes for retirees are remarkably lenient. In fact, the state doesn’t tax qualified pension income, making it an attractive option for those who wish to stretch their retirement dollars further. This policy aligns with Mississippi’s reputation as a tax-friendly state.

But the financial advantages don’t stop there. The homestead exemption in Mississippi provides relief for homeowners, reducing the taxable value of their home. This provision significantly impacts real estate transactions and ownership, allowing residents, especially retirees, to own homes without the hefty tax burdens seen in some other states.

Furthermore, property taxes in Mississippi are among the lowest in the country. This is particularly beneficial for retirees eyeing larger properties or those seeking to downsize without compromising on quality. When considering relocating in retirement, it’s essential to factor in such costs, and in this area, Mississippi offers undeniable advantages.

Taking all these factors into account, Mississippi emerges as a destination that’s both culturally rich and financially savvy for retirees.

Making Mississippi Retirement Happen

Mississippi Retirement

Mississippi, with its blend of southern charm and cost-effective living, presents an enticing option for those pondering their golden years. We’ve journeyed through the bustling urban areas and the peaceful sanctuaries of quaint towns, each showcasing unique facets of life in the Magnolia State. 

While the pros and cons of retiring in Mississippi vary depending on personal preferences, there’s no denying the state’s allure for many retirees. Yet, regardless of the location you’re eyeing, one truth remains: the earlier you plan, the smoother the transition. 

Whether Mississippi is calling your name or you’re exploring other horizons, initiating your retirement planning now can pave the way for a future that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.


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