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How to get a better mortgage with Planswell

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1. Create your free financial plan 2. Find your best rate 3. Choose your scenario

Your mortgage is a big part of your financial plan. At Planswell, we’re on a mission to make everything about managing your money better. Here’s how we do it:


1. Create your free financial plan

Spend a few minutes answering questions and we’ll create a free financial plan for you. You’ll see how your mortgage fits with your investmentsinsurance, and most importantly, your goals, such as sending a child to university or setting yourself up for a great retirement.


2. Find your best rate

The Internet is full of misleading mortgage ads and mortgage information. At Planswell, we’ll learn about your situation, and collaborate with some of Canada’s top mortgage agents to find the very best mortgage that you can qualify for. You’ll always get the best rate and loan terms with no nonsense.


3. Choose your scenario

When possible, we’ll show you two mortgage scenarios: one with just enough for your immediate needs, and one with extra money that you can apply to your financial plan for extra investment growth and tax benefits. We’ll help you assess both options and choose the one that’s right for you.

With Planswell, you’ll have an amazing financial plan, a mortgage with a great rate, and advice from friendly people. No one else can offer you all of this… so get started today!


The best financial plan is also the easiest.

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