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The Best Places to Retire in Texas

Table of Contents
Overall Best Cities to Retire in Texas       Most Affordable Cities in Texas Small Towns with Big Appeal   Planning for Texas Retirement  

Everything’s bigger in Texas – from the vast open landscapes to the heartwarming southern hospitality. Many ponder the question, “Is Texas a good place to retire?” 

The answer is as large and affirmative as the state itself. 

Texas boasts a variety of options for every kind of retiree. Are you craving the hustle and bustle of a big city? Or would you prefer the slow-paced charm of a small town? Either way Texas has you covered.

Many folks are taken aback when they uncover some of the best Texas towns to retire. Not only do they boast amenities, but are also some of the most affordable places to live in Texas, too. 

Numerous Texan towns and cities sit comfortably below the national averages when it comes to living costs.

But Texas isn’t just about savings and cents; it’s about sense. The sense created by a warm climate, friendly faces, and a blend of modern amenities with historic charm. 


It’s no small feat to find a state that marries cultural richness, natural beauty, and economic sensibility so seamlessly. 

Overall Best Cities to Retire in Texas

best places to retire in texas      


Austin is fondly known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World.’ This city in Texas offers more than just a geographical location; it provides an experience, a lifestyle. 

You can go ahead and put away your Google search for “the best places to retire near Austin, Texas.” You won’t want to look beyond the city’s borders. 

The dynamic blend of arts, culture, buzzing tech scene, and music festivals gives Austin its unique charm, drawing in retirees who seek an environment that’s both vibrant and tranquil.

Financially speaking, the cost of living in Austin can be a mixed bag. While its popularity and growth have driven up housing costs, savvy retirees can still find areas offering affordable housing. 

The city’s average home prices have indeed surged due to its burgeoning tech appeal and general allure. (Though they’re down 9.5% this year.) 

However, by extending the search to the suburbs or less central districts, one might uncover real estate treasures that won’t break the bank.

Dallas/Fort Worth

The sprawling metropolis of Dallas is more than just cowboy boots and rodeos. As a major city in Texas, Dallas presents retirees with a blend of big-city amenities and a touch of southern hospitality. 

The city’s rich history, arts scene, sports fanaticism, and diverse culinary landscape make it an enticing option for retirement.

The cost of living in Dallas is relatively favorable when stacked against national averages, especially for a city of its stature. 

Affordable housing is reasonably accessible, and while average home prices have climbed, they haven’t reached the sky-high rates of some coastal cities.


San Antonio

San Antonio offers retirees a taste of historic Texas, with sites like the Alamo and its famous River Walk. It’s a city where the past meets the present in beautiful harmony. As a city in Texas with deep-rooted history, San Antonio offers cultural festivals, culinary delights, and architectural beauty.

Financially, San Antonio is a boon for retirees. Its cost of living sits comfortably below the national average. 

When it comes to housing, the city boasts some of the most affordable rates in the state, making it a magnet for retirees looking for a balance between lifestyle and budget. 

It’s not literally the cheapest town to live in Texas, but the average home prices are attractive. Especially when compared to the larger metropolitan areas in the United States.

These Texan cities offer a blend of cultural richness, modern amenities, and financial practicality, ensuring retirees have a myriad of options to find their perfect retirement haven.

Most Affordable Cities in Texas

most affordable cities in texas

Corpus Christi

Nestled on the Texas coast along the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi stands as a testament to the fact that retirees can enjoy an ocean view on retirement income. 

It’s undoubtedly one of the cheapest cities, but it doesn’t skimp on the perks that come with coastal living.

  • Cost of Living: Below national averages across the board, Corpus Christi is particularly notable for its affordable housing. Those looking to buy will be pleased with the prices, but even renters can find deals; average monthly rents here are significantly less than in bigger Texan cities.
  • Notable Features: Beyond the beach, the city offers numerous parks, a vibrant arts scene, and, of course, the stunning Gulf of Mexico views.


Lubbock might surprise many with its mix of affordability and culture. As home to Texas Tech University, it boasts a dynamic atmosphere blended with traditional Texas charm.

  • Cost of Living: Lubbock consistently ranks among the most affordable cities in Texas. The average home prices are considerably lower than the state’s more metropolitan areas, and the average rents reflect this affordability, making it a retiree’s dream.
  • Notable Features: Museums, galleries, and music festivals abound. The city is a hub for arts and culture, ensuring there’s always something to do.


Located in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo offers a blend of the Old West’s charm with today’s amenities. It’s the kind of place where nature’s beauty meets human creativity.

  • Cost of Living: Amarillo often tops the charts as one of the cheapest places to live in Texas. Both homebuyers and renters can find value here, with average home prices and rents that are well below those in other parts of the state.
  • Notable Features: From the Cadillac Ranch to the Palo Duro Canyon, there’s a mix of man-made and natural attractions.

In summary, the vast state of Texas is more than just its sprawling landscapes and iconic landmarks. It’s a place where retirees can find the right balance between affordability and a high quality of life. Whether you’re looking for the waves of the Gulf of Mexico or the cultural hubs of its inland cities, Texas ensures a retirement that’s as rich in experiences as it is in value.

Small Towns with Big Appeal

small texas retirement towns  


Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg is a charming blend of German culture and Texan spirit. The town’s history can be traced back to its German settlers, and its streets are a testament to this unique fusion.

  • Crime Rates: One of the safest places to retire in Texas, Fredericksburg boasts crime rates considerably lower than the national average. It’s a place where evening strolls and front-porch sitting are common pastimes.
  • Notable Features: The town offers a plethora of outdoor activities, from hiking the Enchanted Rock to exploring the beautiful vineyards. Additionally, its vibrant Main Street is lined with boutique shops, local eateries, and historic sites.


A stone’s throw away from Austin, Georgetown is an idyllic setting for retirees looking for serenity without straying too far from the perks of a big city.

  • Crime Rates: Georgetown maintains its reputation as one of the safest places to retire in Texas, with crime rates that are impressively low and a community that prioritizes neighborly care.
  • Notable Features: From the mesmerizing blue waters of the Blue Hole to the sprawling San Gabriel Park, outdoor activities are in abundance here. The town also hosts various cultural and musical events year-round.


Granbury is a picturesque town nestled on the shores of Lake Granbury. Its cobblestone streets, lined with historic buildings and cozy boutiques, tell tales of a rich past.

  • Crime Rates: With one of the lower crime rates in the state, Granbury ensures that safety isn’t a concern for its residents. It’s a tight-knit community where everyone knows their neighbor.
  • Notable Features: The town is an oasis for lovers of outdoor activities. From boating on Lake Granbury to exploring the numerous parks and trails, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had.

In these smaller Texan towns, retirees can find a harmonious blend of safety, recreation, and community. They offer a slower pace of life, away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities, yet are brimming with opportunities to make the most of one’s golden years.

Planning for Texas Retirement


Texas, with its vast landscapes and varied cities, offers retirees a plethora of choices. From the rhythmic cadence of waves along the Gulf to the urban buzz of its largest city, the Lone Star State promises diverse retirement experiences for every preference. 

If your vision for the golden years leans towards affordability without skimping on quality, Texas doesn’t disappoint. There are countless cheapest places to retire in Texas, ensuring that your savings go further.

Yet, deciding on the best place to live in Texas for seniors goes beyond just economics. It’s about finding a community that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations, whether that’s soaking in the cultural vibe of a city or basking in the tranquility of a quaint town.

While Texas offers a wide spectrum of choices, the journey to a fulfilling retirement in this state—or anywhere for that matter—begins with meticulous retirement planning

The dream of a Texan retirement, filled with sunsets, barbecues, and perhaps a hint of country music, is more attainable with a roadmap in hand. Start charting out your course today, considering both your financial goals and personal desires. 

The earlier you set the wheels in motion, the smoother your transition into those cherished retirement years will be.


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