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What can Planswell do for you?

Dealing with your personal finances can be overwhelming. You’ve got a zillion mortgage options, a universe of investment choices, and the mere mention of insurance makes your eyes glaze over.

That’s why we’re here. If you want to learn all about everything, we can help with that. Or, if you just want to be given instructions on exactly what to do on a monthly basis, by someone you can trust, we can do that too.

When you join Planswell, you get:


That “everything’s under control” feeling

Even if you have your finances under control, there may be a sneaking suspicion that you’re missing out on something.  After building more than 100,000 financial plans for Canadians, we think you’re probably right.

Most people have purchased too much of something, paid too much for something, or forgot about  something altogether. As a client, you’ll know that you’re doing all the right things to be better off financially.


Better mortgages, investments and insurance

We provide solutions from the major mortgage lenders, investment managers and insurance companies that you probably already know.

The magic is in how we do it. First, we recommend the exact right amount of everything you need to reach your goals. Then we shop for the lowest rates, cheapest fees and best premiums. As a client, you get the best of everything, all neatly connected and working together.


Unlimited support from people who care

Once you remove sales commissions, why else would we get up everyday to do this job? The answer is because we actually care.

We just love seeing people go from feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, to feeling happy and confident that they are becoming more financially stable every month. As a client, you can chat with our Plan Pros as often as you like about anything you like. Well, almost anything.


The best financial plan is also the easiest.

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