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We made some assumptions about you

Building the world’s best financial plan is no trivial matter. In order to do it properly, and in a way that’s absolutely in the best interest of our clients, a set of financial planning assumptions are necessary to make. What kind of assumptions you might ask?

Things like the future rate of inflation, when your kids are likely to head to post-secondary school, what the right amount of critical illness insurance is and many more. These assumptions are made based on rigorous research by our in-house financial experts and engineers.

As a result of these assumptions, our financial plans aren’t going to be a one-size-fits-all product for every individual Canadian.

That said, we believe that we’ve created a planning model that is one-size-fits-a-vast-majority-of-Canadians. If you’re in that small minority of people that have ultra unique financial circumstances, you’re in luck; our platform is flexible enough that we’ll still be able to structure your financial plan so that it works for you and your situation.


The best financial plans are also the easiest.


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