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Top 5 Finance Youtube Channels To Keep An Eye On In 2021

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Graham Stephan Andrei Jikh Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose Ryan Scribner The Financial Diet

What you do with your money is your business. 

You may be thinking an extra pair of leggings from Lululemon will fulfill you more than another $98.99 into your TFSA/Roth IRA. And hey, no judgement here—to each their own. If you see an improvement in your downward dog from extra stretch leggings, it may be money well spent. But if you’re spending money for the sake of spending money, it may be time to level up your relationship with money. 

Enter YouTube. Yes, the same site you rely on to learn how to drywall can also help you implement a practical monthly budget. Here are five of our favorite Youtube channels you should subscribe to this year, in no particular order:

Graham Stephan

If you’re familiar with the finance side of Youtube, it’s pretty hard to miss Graham Stephan. Graham has been active on Youtube since 2016 and posts about 3 times each week to 3 million subscribers. His videos include everything from The Best Credit Cards For Millennials to How Much You Need To Save By Every Age. Graham also has some interesting insights on stock market trends and nightmare stories about being a landlord, and much more.

Andrei Jikh

Another big name in the finance Youtube space is Andrei Jikh. He’s like a bubbly version of Graham Stephen, but his star is still on the rise. Although he has fewer subscribers than Graham, his insights are equally valuable. Jikh’s thoughts on how to manage money are especially on point if you’re relatively new to the world of personal finance. He covers specific stocks along with his insights on the market, and more. Videos range from What To Do with Your Stimulus Check to The Many Ways to Make a Supplementary Income Online. His content even touches on newsworthy topics such as the Robinhood fraud investigation.

Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose

Starting in January 2011 and amassing over 25 million channel views, Jeff Rose has been giving tips and tricks on how to grow an online brand, start side hustles, and—most importantly—expand your wealth. Jeff likens his approach to “wealth hacking”, and who couldn’t use some of that?  Warning: his content is really compelling, so you could easily lose track of time going down the Jeff Rose rabbit hole. His posting schedule is more sporadic than others mentioned in this list, but his channel may be among one of the most relevant. That ‘s because he has dozens of videos on the updates, news, pros, cons, and suggestions for the US stimulus checks. What we like about Jeff Rose: he has very practical, digestible videos that explain exactly what is described in the titles. 

Ryan Scribner

Next up is arguably the most genuine YouTube star on the list. Ryan Scribner has been actively posting on Youtube since 2016, and currently posting about 2-3 times per month. Ryan explains his losses with honesty and humility, and generously reveals the secret sauce to his wins. His content hits very hard and he provides a ton of value. He reviews popular trading apps, discusses stocks to watch, and dissects cryptocurrency. Do not sleep on Ryan Scribner; you may just learn a thing or two.

The Financial Diet

What do you get when Buzzfeed meets Bloomberg? You get The Financial Diet. This channel is stacked with videos that are practical to everyday life and the money management that comes with it. For example, you can find videos that give their take on costly mistakes to avoid, smart ways to use credit, and grocery hacks. They even have a video on the mindset of a rich person. Additionally, this channel is very active. Their posting schedule is about three videos per week.



Although each of these YouTube channels focuses on finance, they approach their topics in their own way. Sample them all and see who you like. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, and that’s the first step to leveling up your finances. Before you know it, you may be able to afford a whole closet full of Lululemon.


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