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Planswell’s Top 7 Favourite Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers

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Jessica Moorhouse

As someone who took control of her personal finances at a young age, we love Jessica Moorhouse’s take on finances. Jessica is now an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada professional, host of her own Mo’ Money Podcast, founder of the Millennial Money Meetup and co-founder of Rich & Fit.

Jessica is focused on living a balanced lifestyle through investing, strategic budgeting, and sourcing more than one stream of income. If you missed her review of Planswell, make sure to check it out here.

Jordann Brown (My Alternative Life)

Jordann Brown, author of “My Alternate Life”, is a millennial money blogger who shares her incredible journey from being in debt to accumulating a $10,000 emergency fund, buying a house, and investing for her future.

Her easy-to-navigate blog separates posts into distinct categories: net worth, debt, saving, frugal living, making money, budgeting, and other lifestyle topics. A unique feature of her blog is how she provides monthly updates of her personal net worth movements – those updates include a snapshot of her detailed monthly balance sheets, breaking down both her assets and liabilities.



Matt Matheson (Method to Your Money)

The author of “Method to Your Money”, Matt Matheson writes a personal finance blog dedicated to teaching readers how to think about money differently. He focuses on addressing the behavioural aspects of finance – not just the financial tools and techniques.

Matt is on top of his fintech game and recently built a financial plan with Planswell. You can check out his review of Planswell here.


Desirae Odjick (Half Banked)

Desirae’s Half Banked is a personal take on her journey as a millennial in what started as a “half baked idea” in her words. She covers everything from budgeting as a student to buying your first house. Her blog is full of helpful tips and tricks aimed at millennials who need a hand in personal finance.

While visiting Half Banked, be sure to check out her 1-minute budget. It might relieve some shock the next time you check your monthly spending statement.



Dan Bortolotti (Canadian Couch Potato)

Dan Bortolotti is a CFP, CIM, associate portfolio manager and financial planner for PWL Capital in Toronto. His blog, “Canadian Couch Potato,” discusses techniques in passive investing using index mutual funds and ETFs. Staying true to his words, Dan manages his own portfolio using the same techniques he describes in his posts.

You can also catch Dan writing on all things personal finance for numerous Canadian magazines like MoneySense, MoneySaver, and Canadian Financial Post. Follow Dan’s blog here.

Beau Humphreys (Invest Wisely)

Beau Humphreys was one of the first people to reach out to us when we were just starting out and hosted us on his personal podcast, The Personal Finance Show. His site,, documents his incredible personal story from financial ruin to financial success, along with tips and tricks from the financial industry’s top performers.

Beau has dedicated his professional life to helping businesses and people with their finances. Follow Beau’s journey here.

Enoch Omololu (Savvy New Canadians)

Although Enoch is a veterinarian by day, he has a masters degree in finance and investment from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. When moving to Canada, he had to learn everything about Canadian financial accounts and investment options by himself, which led him to start the blog Savvy New Canadians. These days, Canadians both new and old turn to his blog for helpful advice.

His blog includes insights on investing, frugal living, retirement planning, real estate, credit cards, product reviews, and general personal finance. Oh! It also includes this great review of Planswell.


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