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Don’t let your mortgage break you

Michael Wickware March 29, 2018 “I see people’s eyes glaze over when I warn them about the true costs of a mortgage,” laments Ryan Baynham, Director of Mortgages at Planswell. “Everyone wants to focus on the interest rate, but that’s only part of the story.” Read More

How we made the whole financial industry mad at us

Michael Wickware March 15, 2018 The marketing team over here at Planswell got some people upset in the first couple of months of 2018. Why? Because we spoke out against an annual tradition that the investment industry holds dear.Read More

The Top 5 Best Financial Planning Books for Canadians

Eddy Okun March 5, 2018 Given the sheer volume of personal financial planning books on the market, you’d think your average Canadian would have a better handle on their finances.  Unfortunately that seems far from the truth.Read More

We made some assumptions about you

Eddy Okun February 19, 2018 Building the world’s best financial plan is no trivial matter. In order to do it properly, and in a way that’s absolutely in the best interest of our clients, a set of financial planning assumptions are necessary to make. What kind of assumptions you might ask? Read More

RRSP vs. TFSA: which is better?

Michael Wickware February 1, 2018 “Do I watch The Devil Wears Prada again or do I finally get around to seeing Sophie’s Choice? It is what you would call a classic difficult decision.” – Michael Scott, The Office Read More

Start 2018 with a plan

Eddy Okun January 4, 2018 Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to create the world’s best personal financial planning platform – one that helps you define and achieve your financial goals in minutes.Read More

Three money hacks that can make you richer

Michael Wickware December 20, 2017 Life hacks normally focus on small incremental improvements that you can make, such as turning a milk jug into a watering can, or mastering how to fold one of those awkward fitted bedsheets. Read More

Five financial planning tricks that you need in your life

Michael Wickware December 8, 2017 At Planswell, we consider ourselves the world’s greatest financial planning company for good reason. Not only do we make financial planning free and easy for everyone, the quality of our financial plans is better than anything that has existing before.Read More
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How to make your kids healthy, wealthy and wise

Michael Wickware November 11, 2017 Great health. Financial security. A sharp mind. Who doesn’t want these things for their kids? And while there are many ways to pursue each of these goals, there’s one common denominator that supports all three: post-secondary education.Read More
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