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The top 8 best personal finance podcasts of 2020

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Updated March 4, 2020. You, like many others, might be looking for a human voice to ease your financial concerns right now.  Having an expert that can provide you with advice make things such as budgeting, debt management, saving for retirement or purchasing a home a bit easier. But experts are not always readily available (or affordable).

For those that can’t afford costly advisors or don’t have a big personal network of finance pros, listening to podcasts is a convenient and low-cost way to tap into expert knowledge. From the comfort of your home, car, or even the gym, personal finance podcasts can help you form financial goals and teach you how to achieve them.

However, we live in the day of the podcast, and there are hundreds of thousands to choose from. So which ones are the best? Consider adding these eight picks, ranked in no particular order, to your playlist if you’re looking for a new personal finance podcast to tune into.


1. The Rational Reminder 

Founded and hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore,  the Rational Reminder is a weekly podcast that focuses on how Canadians can make sensible investing and finance decisions. Felix and Passmore, both Portfolio Managers at PWL Capital, chime in on topics related to personal finance, investing, and financial market behaviour, all with the intention of making listeners better investors.

With most episodes hovering around the 40 minute mark, you’ll find this podcast an easy yet educational listen.


2. Jill on Money

Jill on Money, winner of the 2018 Gracie Award for Best National Talk Show, is hosted by television and radio personality, Jill Schlesinger, CFP®. Often in 30 minutes or less, Schlesinger tackles sometimes uncomfortable and even controversial money and investing topics. With weekly listener phone calls and informative and entertaining guests, she gets to the heart of what’s important for anyone to know in personal finance, without the jargon.

Interested in making the most of your money? Schlesinger makes sure that you have the tools to do so by providing you with surprising insights and actionable information.


3. Canadian Couch Potato

The Canadian Couch Potato Podcast features expert interviews, helpful tips for DIY investors, and answers to questions from listeners and blog readers. Hosted by veteran journalist, blogger, and portfolio manager Dan Bortolotti, his focus is to help you become a better investor with index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

With most episodes running around the 60 minute mark, Bortolotti offers clear and thorough advice on personal finance. Regardless of how advanced you are in the DIY investing process, this podcast is a must-listen.


4. Build Wealth Canada

Have you ever dreamt of being mortgage free by the time you are in your thirties? Maybe you know of someone who’s been able to accomplish this difficult feat. If not, meet Kornel Szrejber, host of the Build Wealth Canada podcast. He reveals his personal finances tips and his specific strategies on how he was able to become mortgage free by 29.

Take a listen to one of Build Wealth Canada’s hour long episodes, to hear Szrejber and other personal finance experts discuss how to live a financially stress free and happy life. You’ll learn how to become debt free in the quickest time possible, invest like a pro, and make money on the side with passive income so that you can retire early.


5. Invest Like the Best

Patrick O’Shaughnessy created Invest Like the Best to speak with the most interesting people he can find, whose stories will help you better invest your time and your money. His guests range from portfolio managers to venture capitalists and researchers, but O’Shaughnessy also speaks with many people outside of the investing world. While different, all of these guests have one thing in common: to share their hard-learned money insights with you.

If you’re looking to learn about investing and finance, or if you just have a general thirst for knowledge, definitely take a listen next time you’re craving a podcast.


6. Mostly Money

It’s common to hear that talking about personal finance can be taboo, and can be seen as a stuffy topic. You won’t be thinking that when you take a listen to Mostly Money, a personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship podcast hosted by Preet Banerjee. Topics range from personal finance and starting a business, to marketing, jokes, and education. Happy with a casual conversation, Mostly Money can sometimes get a bit off topic and cover subjects such as movies, science, and other random thoughts.

If you’re comfortable with occasional foul language, killer interviews, and no intimidation tactics, Banerjee and Mostly Money is worth a listen.


7. Mo’ Money

Jessica Moorhouse, creator and host of Mo’ Money, is a podcaster extraordinaire. Since its inception in June 2015, Mo’ Money has grown to become one of the top personal podcasts, with over 1,000,000 downloads and over 200 episodes.

Moorhouse has a wide range of guests on her show, which can include celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs, authors, friends, family, and even listeners of the show. You’re also bound to find a topic that speaks to you, as she covers everything from financial independence, early retirement, budgeting best-practices, debt and credit, to investing, side hustles, entrepreneurship and more.

Bonus, if you take a listen and love Mo’ Money as much as we do, leave Moorhouse a review here, she’ll give you a special shout out on an upcoming episode!


8. The Personal Finance Show

Beau Humphreys started the Personal Finance Show to explore topics about fintech, financial literacy, saving, spending, mental health and work-life balance. Combining his passions for personal finance organization and the desire to simplify life, Humphreys wants to show people that their finances can be streamlined.


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