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Planswell’s Top 9 Favourite Canadian Business Podcasts

Table of Contents
1. The Art of The Fail 2. I’ll Go First 3. The Business Leadership Podcast 4. The Daily Grind 5. The Fintech Impact Podcast 6. The Personal Finance Show 7. Mo’ Money Podcast 8. CanInnovate 9. Startup Canada Podcast

Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Chris and Kris of The Art of The Fail

1. The Art of The Fail

Okay, we may be a little biased here: our Marketing Manager, Kristian, is one of the hosts! But, this podcast was one of our favourites before Kristian joined our team. In fact, Kristian met Eric recording him as a guest on episode 10 (if you haven’t heard it yet, listen here!).

Too often, we focus on our wins and covering up the times that we’ve missed the mark, or failed completely. This podcast is all about featuring the times that entrepreneurs have failed upwards and learned from their mistakes.


Planswell's top 9 favourite canadian podcasts - Takara Small - I'll Go First

2. I’ll Go First

This tech startup-focused podcast is from The Globe and Mail and hosted by Takara Small, an amazing tech journalist and analyst for the CBC and CTV. Takara dives deep into some of the biggest movers and shakers in the tech industry to see how it all began. From the CEO of crypto leader Coinsquare to Ritual’s CEO and founder, and the founder and CEO of Bunz, Takara has covered a lot of ground in this show’s inaugural season (they’re only on episode 11). With most episodes hovering around the 30-minute mark, this Canadian business podcast is great for a lunchtime walk or your morning commute to the office.


Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Edwin Frondozo

3. The Business Leadership Podcast

Edwin Frondozo started The Business Leadership Podcast to figure out where people, business and innovation meet. He’s had some of the top influential business leaders and change markers in North America on his podcast, including Kristine Stewart, Seth Godin, and our very own CEO, Eric Arnold (check out the episode here). If you’re interested in how to build a brand, create high-performance teams and innovate industries, definitely check out this podcast.


Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Colin Morgan of The Daily Grind

4. The Daily Grind

Colin Morgan hosts this daily podcast to bring some conversations with the most successful business owners into the spotlight. Morgan focuses on diving into the entrepreneur’s mind to figure out exactly how they got started. Mainly, Morgan wants to inspire those stuck in the 9-5 grind to do that one thing that really inspires them. If you haven’t listened to Colin’s podcast yet, you can listen to his episode with Eric to kick things off. 


Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Jason P

5. The Fintech Impact Podcast

Hosted by Jason Pereira, this podcast covers all things fintech. Jason interviews fintech entrepreneurs about their stories, what they do, and what their impact is on consumers, incumbents and the industry as a whole. Jason has covered his North American fintech ground and has interviewed just about every fintech founder there is. Check out a few of our favourite episodes like Borrowell’s Eva Wong, Humi’s Kevin Kilman, and of course our CEO, Eric’s, episode here.


Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Beau Humphreys of The Personal Finance Show

6. The Personal Finance Show

Beau Humphreys started this podcast to explore topics about fintech, financial literacy, saving, spending, mental health and work-life balance. Fun fact, this was Planswell’s first ever podcast appearance before we officially launched in January 2018 (you can catch the episode here). Since recording his first show 2 years ago, Beau has recorded 44 episodes with some pretty awesome leaders.


Planswell's top 9 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Jessica Moorhouse

7. Mo’ Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse is a blogger/podcaster extraordinaire (Jessica also made our list of favourite bloggers!). Jessica’s podcast is a great mix of celebrities (hello, Perez Hilton and Scott McGillvrey) as well as experts, entrepreneurs and authors. With over 160 episodes and 600,000 downloads, Jessica is making her mark on the Canadian podcast scene. If you leave her a review here, she’ll give you a special shout out on an upcoming episode!


Planswell's top 8 favourite Canadian business podcasts - Sapna Malhotra

8. CanInnovate

Sapna Malhotra started this innovation focused podcast after her mentor said that there was “No Canadian Innovation.” Sapna knew that wasn’t true, so she set out on her journey to create awareness about all of the amazing innovation that is happening right here in Canada. Fast forward, 55 episodes later Sapna has interviewed folks from some of the most innovative Canadian companies like Canada Learning Code, Carrot Rewards, MindBridge AI and of course, Planswell.

Planswell's top 9 favourite canadian podcasts - Rivers - The Startup Canada Podcast

9. Startup Canada Podcast

Rivers Corbett hosts this podcast that is all about exploring personal stories to help entrepreneurs navigate the journey of starting and scaling a company. With 166 episodes completed, Rivers has met with entrepreneurs from Vancouver to Fredericton; and Israel to Peru. Mark your calendar for every Tuesday at 10 AM ET to hear the latest episode and learn some lessons, trends and opportunities when it comes to Canadian entrepreneurship.


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