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Your plan shows you the way

With a Planswell plan, you have the perfect mix of investments, insurance and mortgages to suit your needs. Learn more about our plans

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Build your wealth

Investments are the foundation of your plan

We'll help you build your wealth while saving a ton on taxes and fees.

"When my sister told me about Planswell, I was so excited! I finally have an investment strategy that fits my goals in life.”

Protect yourself

Insurance provides a safety net for your plan

We'll show you the best way to protect yourself from financial surprises.

"Life is beautiful but it can be crazy. I wanted to make sure my daughters would be OK no matter what happens."

Save on borrowing

Smart borrowing accelerates your plan

We'll look for ways to save on debt and increase your monthly cash flow.

"Planswell enabled us to keep the same monthly payment but free up enough money to invest in the education of our twin boys."

It's all in your plan

In the next few minutes, you can have a free plan for life-long financial security.

Build a plan

Your money is safe

We put some of the world’s largest and most secure asset managers, insurers and lenders in your plan. And our data security is fur real. Learn more

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The best financial plan is also the easiest. Build a plan today.
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    “Planswell has been flooded with Canadians who are starving for unbiased, quality financial advice.”
    Rob Lewis
    President & Editor in Chief, Techvibes
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    “What I loved the most was seeing the big picture of my financial life. It was eye-opening how insurance and investing can work together to position me and my family for a better financial future.”
    Olivia R.
    Client since 2017
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    “We finally have a disruptive technology arriving on the doorstep of the financial services business.”
    John Budden
    Host of Money Talk on CFRA
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    “Out of all the financial companies, you were the only one who took the time to give me all the mortgage information I needed.”
    Veronique G.
    Client since 2016