3 minutes later, you look like a genius

Almost no one knows what to do on a monthly basis to maintain their lifestyle. Most will experience a significant lifestyle decline when they put their kids through school, when they retire, or because of something unexpected.   Your financial plan will give you clear recommendations to optimize your investments, mortgage and insurance. People will wonder how you got so smart.  

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Life’s good when you have a plan

Just about anyone you can talk to about your money is a commissioned salesperson. As a result, wealthy people tend to get biased advice, and non-wealthy people tend to get nothing at all.   Your plan is not only free, it’s mathematically sound and 100% in your best interest..  

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Answer some easy questions and we’ll do millions of calculations to build a plan for you.

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You’ll see exactly what to do on a monthly basis to maintain your lifestyle now and in the future.


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Just ask, and we’ll put your plan into action faster and cheaper than anywhere else.

Your advisor is always on call

You’re bound to have questions. Our friendly advisors are here to make sure everything makes sense and you feel good about your plan. You can make arrangements to chat with them any time it’s convenient for you.  

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Still have a few questions?

Here are the answers to some questions we’re frequently asked by people.

At Planswell, a financial plan shows you the absolute best thing to do with your money every month so you can enjoy the highest possible standard of living for the rest of your life.

Not exactly (but we do have a budget calculator for that). We won’t tell you to spend less on the things you enjoy. You can save as much or as little as you wish, and we’re like a crystal ball that shows you exactly what that means in terms of when you can retire and how much income you can expect in retirement. We hope you’ll take advantage of this rare insight to make the financial decisions that will make you happiest.

We recommend updating your plan every six months to make sure it’s still consistent with you and your goals. However, you may want to update it more often if there’s something new going on, such as a change in your work, finances or family. Updating can be done from your dashboard and only takes a few minutes.

Your plan is fully customized based on the inputs you provided. The investment amounts and account types are designed to maximize your after-tax results. The insurance recommendations are tailored to cover your debts and replace your income. Any mortgage recommendation is calculated to meet your borrowing needs at the lowest possible cost.

You may have questions about your plan. You may need to make changes, or you may simply need to bounce something off a financial professional. We have Plan Pros ready to talk to you by phone or email seven days a week. You’re also welcome to visit us at our office.