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When you invest your money along with Planswell advisors, you’ll have access to a personalized investment strategy to grow your wealth.

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In recent years, there has been increasing transparency around investment and advisor fees for wealth management.

For instance, if two money managers can each earn 10% on your money, but one charges 1% and the other 3%, what lands in your pocket is closer to 9% and 7%, respectively. It’s important to recognize what you’re getting in exchange for those costs.

Whomever you choose to manage your money, the aim should be to make you wealthier over your lifetime than you would have been without them.

Investments to grow your wealth

While you invest your money, Planswell charts how changes in your contributions and lifestyle affect your goals and retirement.

How much does financial advice cost?

Maintaining a financial plan with Planswell is always free. Whomever you choose to manage your money, or even if you direct your own investments, there will be costs. Whether you with a licensed advisor or a roboadvisor, there will be an annual management cost of between zero to 1.5%. Additionally, the funds within an investment portfolio have fees deducted internally, between a small fraction of a percent for a passive index fund to 2.5 – 3% for an actively traded fund managed by experienced professionals. Additional account and transaction fees may apply, so ask for these to be itemized in order to make an informed decision.

Planswell projects your wealth with the expectation you’ll capture the returns of the market. Conservative financial planning practice is to expect your portfolio to reflect the average performance of various stock and bond markets.

Actual outcomes rarely match how life plays out. With this in mind, we always project on the conservative side. Over time, as your portfolio outperforms or underperforms expectations, or you become more or less aggressive in your investment strategy, your plan adapts and adjusts, so you are always on track to achieve your goals and enjoy life.