Who We Are


We’re here to provide the world’s most actionable financial planning experience to everyone, for free.


Everyone who interacts with the Planswell brand must be enthusiastically satisfied with their experience.


We’re all about making a positive impact on clients, partners, team members, the financial planning profession, and the whole wide world.


We are striving to build the world’s safest & most inclusive place to work.

Our goal is to achieve a culture that positively impacts our clients, partners, shareholders, competitors and everyone else Planswell reaches. We are also on a mission to provide the world’s most actionable financial planning experience to everyone, for free.

Our Team

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Take good care of your stuff so you can avoid having to replace major purchases like your cell phone.
Abdullah Hussain
You should not skimp on good quality butter.
Aditya Bhatia
I only buy candy and food, specifically sour gummies and Chick-Fil-A.
Andy Cosby
I ended up saving $30k over the lifetime of my home by leveraging my car insurance provider with my home insurance provider. That was a 15-minute phone call. I don't know about you, but I like saving $30k in 15 minutes.
Anthony Gomez
I was very stupid with my first couple of paychecks. I went and bought designer clothes, then quickly realized no one really gives a sh!t about your clothes.
Corey small
I love eating out, so —for me— the idea of saving money means I need to cook at home like everyone else.
Craig Savolainen
Have yourself a 30-day list and if you want to buy something, put it on the 30-day list. If you're still thinking about buying it 30 days later, buy it.
Dan Lee
When interviewing financial advisors, the most important question is, “How can you save me time and money immediately?”
Daniel Schloss
My favorite free subscription is to the public library. I almost never need to buy books.
Eric Arnold
When I canceled TV, they called me back three weeks later and they're like, “Hey, we’ve got a deal for you.” Seven bucks a month, and I actually saved money when they bundled other things I was already paying for separately. So, I got TV again.
Javairia Asif
Invest in a really good mattress. If anything goes wrong, they'll replace it with a new one.
Jen Mastrud
I know this is controversial, but I’ve never understood why we need a whole aisle of toilet paper choices. The cheapest works. Four rolls, 68 cents.
Jon Inada
I like to thrift for clothes, partially for money-saving but also because I like the unique looks—like Nikes from way back in the day.
Kristina Smith
I'm willing to eat beans on toast until payday for the perfect pair of jeans.
Lukasz Merdzik
Never skimp on professional services, like a lawyer or an accountant.
Meagan Terrel
You can spend literally hundreds of dollars on moisturizers and cleansers but you don't need to—it's all BS. You just have to know your ingredients. The best cleanser you can get is so cheap.
Mwangi Muthui
I keep it pretty simple. I just go to Walmart. You know, you generally can't beat Walmart's pricing.
Nick Palumbo
I just called my insurance company and saved 100 bucks a month.
Patrick Brennan
I regret not spending more money on Lululemon clothes. They are by far the best. I have all these other clothes I don't wear that I regret big time.
Scott Gill
If you do not have an air fryer, you should get an air fryer. They're only 30-50 bucks and you’ll start making food that tastes better than the local restaurant.
Scott Wetton
Credit cards are the safest form of payment out there with unlimited liability coverage. If somebody steals your debit card and runs up a big bill, you're screwed.
Shaun Esau
You should buy used outdoor equipment, like bikes or kayaks. Those things are tools, not jewels.
Tamara Antonijevic
I bought really expensive shoes and I'm not sorry.
Who said, “The best way to teach kids about taxes is by taking a third of their ice cream”? I wish it was me. Bwahahaha.
Trevor Oseen
When it comes to being cheap, I dilute the detergent.
Vanessa Robinson
I made a complete shift to buying most things at thrift shops. It's unbelievable what you can get.

We have a zero-tolerance policy

The physical and psychological safety of our employees and the people we interact with is more important than anything else we do.  Unlike other areas of our business where we encourage learning through mistakes and failure, mistakes, and failure to adhere to our Code of Conduct and Workplace Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination policy will not be tolerated. These policies are signed by every employee, contractor, advisor, and board member. By using Planswell’s services in any way, you are also agreeing to them, just like our terms of use and privacy policy.  Links to these policies can also be found on the home page of Planswell.com.