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You can’t get an unbiased plan that’s this smart, simple and satisfying anywhere else


Build a plan

Planswell offers you a lot of advantages


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Get free financial advice whenever you need it

Talk to unbiased, salaried experts, not commissioned salespeople

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Find ways to reduce your monthly debt costs

If you own your home and are carrying debts, we can probably help

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Grow your wealth faster

It’s not uncommon to save $250,000 between now and retirement

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Financially protect yourself and the people you love

Have a plan that can survive an accident, illness or even death


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Save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a financial planner

Not to mention get fast, friendly service with way less paperwork

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Monitor and update your plan as your life changes

Stay on track to your goals as your life changes

You can’t get this kind of financial advantage anywhere else

The most powerful planning software

Your plan is created by a patent-pending financial planning engine unlike any other. You get step-by-step instructions to reduce your monthly expenses, save on fees, protect your wealth, build your investments, and reach your goals.

  The ultimate dashboard

Your dashboard guides you through implementing your plan and allows you to keep track of it once it’s in place. You can always see what’s happening, and can quickly adapt your plan if anything ever changes.

Support from unbiased experts

You get on-demand access to unbiased financial advice from a team of salaried experts (not commissioned salespeople). You can use this support to get answers about any aspect of your plan or money in general.

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The best value anywhere, period

When it comes to implementing your plan, we shop the market to find you the best deals for lending, investing and protection. We look for low interest rates, low fees, and cost-effective premiums. It’s like the traditional financial companies finally have to work for you. What a great feeling!

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Who are you?

We’re a Toronto-based team of experts in personal finance, data science, and communications. We have CFPs, CAs, MBAs, PhDs. We’ve taught finance courses at the Rotman School of Management, contributed insights to CBC Radio, Report on Business and Investment Executive, and worked closely with dozens of traditional financial companies such as CIBC Wood Gundy, RBC Dominion Securities, Manulife and Investor’s Group. But even more importantly, we all believe that the outdated financial industry is in urgent need of an upgrade. Our mission is to deliver financial plans that are 100% in the best interests of clients like you every single time. Isn’t the future wonderful?

Simply put: A financial plan is a detailed, step-by-step strategy to hit your wealth goals and prevent you from downgrading your lifestyle. Whether you retire, send your kids to school, or stop working ahead of schedule, your plan is there to make sure you continue to enjoy the life you love.

Yes. There’s about a 90% chance that we will be able to recommend a specific and detailed yet easy-to-follow plan to save you money and build your wealth. The other 10% of the time, we meet people who have very challenging cash flow or debt problems that make creating a plan more difficult. Even if this describes your situation, our experts are still available to talk to you and recommend helpful strategies.

Our founders are former financial advisors, and many of the mentors who helped us get started are retired owners and executives from some of the major banks and mutual fund companies in Canada. Even they realize it’s time for a major change in the financial industry, and support our mission. We’re regulated by all the same entities as the traditional companies and use bank-level encryption and security to keep your personal information safe.

The answer is simple: time is not on your side. Every dollar that you overpay on interest and fees is a dollar that you can’t invest and grow. Compound interest is the term for when your investment earnings make more investment earnings. Einstein called this phenomenon the “eighth wonder of the world.” Time is the number one factor in how much wealth you can build, and your growth potential slips away with every passing day.

The bank simply can’t give you what you need. They’ll never help you reduce interest costs, because it means less revenue for them! Canadian banks also charge the highest investment fees in the developed world and are legally prohibited from recommending insurance, even if you really need it. And they’re hardly ever open.

You might consider working with a close family member for certain aspects of your financial life, but it’s extremely unlikely that anyone in your family has a financial planning engine that can meet all of your needs and the ability to implement every aspect of your plan at the lowest possible cost. The math is extremely complicated and that’s why we have patents pending around the world.

Simply put: lower fees. On average, ⅓ of your investment gains will go to fees. If you lower your fees, you will increase your return potential. Our whole business helps you lower fees.

No, not at all. Think of it as a crystal ball tool. We won’t tell you to cut back on your favourite latte, but we will let you see how your spending and saving choices affect your wealth. There’s no built and you’re always in charge.

No, many people sincerely want to help. The problem is the system that they work in. They have ancient computer systems, layers of management, huge overhead expenses, shareholders to answer to, and compensation systems that force them to be salespeople first and advice-givers second. Something that works as well as Planswell just wasn’t possible until recently.

In order to reach your goals, you need to plan for more than just your investments. You need to know how much money to put in each type of account or financial vehicle each month to build your wealth, protect your assets, reduce your debts and minimize your taxes too. Robo-advisors are a pretty good way to invest at low cost, but without a complete plan, there’s really no point. You‘ll actually have no idea if you’ll make it to your goals, and life remains full of uncertainty.

We’ve heard this before. Don’t worry. They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time to do it is today. Even if your finances are terrible, our experts will chat with you about your options and provide meaningful solutions. We’re almost always able to help.

If you don’t like your plan for any reason, you can simply cancel and walk away. No harm, no foul. There is no risk. All we are asking is that you try it and see if it works for you.

Get unlimited expert advice with just a few clicks. We look forward to meeting you!


Build a plan

The first $20,000.00 that’s invested with Planswell Portfolios will not be charged the standard management fees for the first year.

All company names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. All calculations and case studies are based on actual client data but do not represent a promise of debt savings, investment returns, or any other specific result. Names and images have been changed to protect their privacy. Access your detailed plan today and see what Planswell can actually do for you! Planswell Holdings Inc. is a financial planning company and is not registered to provide securities advice (we work with a registered portfolio manager who helps with that). If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-PLANSWELL.