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Not sure what your financial plan can do for you? How about a lifetime of greater financial security. The best part is it’s free and there’s no catch. 😉


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Your plan will give you clear recommendations to optimize your mortgagesinvesting and insurance. It means knowing exactly what to do each month so you have enough money to enjoy every single stage of your life. Not only is your plan free, it’s mathematically sound and 100% in your best interest. We’ll also help you implement your plan at the lowest possible cost, because that’s the way it should be.

Smarter mortgages

Aside from taxes, interest charges might be the single biggest expense in your life. We’ll recommend ways to pay less for your mortgage, eliminate other debts where possible, and search for a mortgage with the best rate and features for you and your plan. Mortgages facilitated by Planswell Mortgages Inc (FSCO Brokerage License #13117) 100 Lombard Street, Unit 400 Toronto ON M5C1M3.

Be an investor

When you invest with Planswell Portfolios, your money can grow faster because the fees are just a fraction of typical mutual funds. You’ll also know exactly how to split your money between RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs and other accounts to pay less tax.

Protect yourself

Insurance is like a safety net to make sure that a health issue does not also become a financial issue. We will calculate the ideal type and amount of insurance to protect your plan, and shop around to find the best policies at the best prices for you.

Your financial plan gets you:


Comprehensive, updateable financial plan for free
One-stop investments, insurance and mortgages
Ultra-low investment fees
Shop the best insurance and mortgage rates
Unlimited, expert advice
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