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Yes, you read that right. You have access to the world’s best financial planning technology and unlimited, 1-to-1 support from unbiased experts for free.

There’s no cost to you. There’s also no catch 🙂


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You get:




A clear plan to maintain your lifestyle forever




Education savings optimization



Insurance needs analysis and optimization


Total integration of investments, insurance and borrowing



Investment recommendations designed for your plan



Personalized support from our expert PlanPros




Tax optimization among your TFSA, RRSP and all other accounts




Debt consolidation and optimization




Plan update every 6 months to keep you on track


Comprehensive, updateable financial plan for free
One-stop investments, insurance and mortgages
Ultra-low investment fees
Shop the best insurance and mortgage rates
Unlimited, expert advice
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We team up with Real Mortgage Associates (license #10464) to find swell mortgages for people like you.

You might be asking yourself:

“If it’s Free, how does Planswell make money?”

Great question, let’s break it down



Smart borrowing to support
your plan

Mortgage lenders pay us an industry-standard fee between .5%-.7% of the value of your mortgage. We’ll find the mortgage with the best rate and features for you, eliminate other debts where possible, and make sure everything is integrated with your plan. Mortgage disclaimer: Operating as Planswell Mortgages, all Mortgages are facilitated by Ryan Baynham (Broker License #M08003014) under Real Mortgage Associates Inc. operating as RMA Real Mortgage Associates (Brokerage License #10464).


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Low-cost investments to grow
your wealth

When you invest your money with Planswell Portfolios, you’ll pay an annual investment management fee that’s lower than comparable mutual funds from a bank or financial advisor. The fee is calculated monthly and deducted automatically.


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The ideal insurance
to protect you

Insurance companies pay the same regulated fees to Planswell as they would to a regular insurance agent. The difference with Planswell is we will never over- or under-insure you, and we will shop around to find the ideal policy at the best price for your plan.


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