When it’s time to buy, your clients need a mortgage pre-approval. They also need to understand how much they can really afford to spend. With Planswell, you can give them access to the mortgage they need as well as a comprehensive financial plan, so the deal gets done and you look like a total rockstar. Everything happens in minutes through our online experience. Your clients will get immediate feedback on how much they should be saving for retirement, how much insurance they should have in place, and how much they can borrow for a new home. We’ll even point out debt consolidation opportunities that can help them be better off financially. It’s quick, it’s easy, and we make you look good throughout the whole process.
For you:
  • Do more business. Get your clients pre-approved to buy.
  • Add extra value. Give each client a free financial plan to help them manage their finances.
  • Get referrals. Be the rockstar that goes above and beyond for your clients.
  • Easy. No extra work is required by you!
For your buyers:
  • Dreams come true. Have the financing to buy the home they want.
  • Great mortgages. Get approved for the best possible mortgage by our objective, salary-based mortgage agents.
  • Free planning. Receive a free financial plan that includes investing, insurance and mortgage advice.
  • Low cost. We strip out excess costs from investments, insurance, and borrowing so your buyers can keep more of their money.
To find out more about Planswell for Realtors, please contact Harry at [email protected].