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Financial wellness helps everyone work better

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of employees are worried about running out of money in retirement
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of employees spend 3 or more hours a week on personal financial matters at work
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of employees who feel stressed report that it interferes with their ability to focus and be productive
Source: 2017 Workplace Benefits Report, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
If employee performance is part of your job, we can help. Working together, we can offer your employees access to unbiased financial planning that addresses their biggest concerns.


56% of employees are concerned that they will have to work longer than planned. Saving for retirement is their #1 issue.

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55% of employees worry about what would happen if an illness prevented them from working. Workplace benefits alone are rarely enough.

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100% of employees say paying down debt is one of their top three financial concerns. Many need help reducing their borrowing costs.

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Wellness is in our name


Great Plans

Our financial plans help every employee understand how to optimize their monthly budget to reach their retirement goals, protect their assets and minimize their debts.


Objective advice

Each employee gets a customized plan designed for their best interests. They’ll pay less for investments, insurance and borrowing along with objective advice from salaried experts.


Get started today

You can introduce Planswell to your organization quickly and easily. We’ll work with your existing benefits, so all you have to do is send your employees a link to get started.

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