You know which clients drive your bottom line. You also know which ones are too small, too much work, or just don’t fit your business plan. Now you can provide these clients with a fantastic alternative and still make money doing it. Planswell for advisors is a platform that provides sophisticated financial plans for free, and access to a full suite of investment, insurance, and borrowing solutions. You can earn a fee when you refer individual clients to our platform. Or, if you are looking for a succession plan, you can refer your entire book of business to us and earn ongoing revenue that will be significantly higher than other options.
For you:
  • Optimize your practice. Focus on your most important clients and let Planswell handle your small and non-core accounts.
  • Enhance your revenue. Earn significantly more from your business during and after your retirement.
For your clients:
  • Great service. The clients you cannot service personally still get the best service possible.
  • Free planning. Even the smallest clients will receive a free financial plan that includes investing, insurance, and mortgage advice.
  • Low cost. We strip out excess costs from investments, insurance, and borrowing so your clients can keep more of their money.
To find out more about Planswell for Advisors, please contact Harry at [email protected].