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Build your plan

You can’t get an unbiased plan that’s this smart, simple and satisfying anywhere else

Planswell offers you a lot of advantages

Get free financial advice whenever you need it

Talk to unbiased, salaried experts, not commissioned salespeople

Find ways to reduce your monthly debt costs

If you own your home and are carrying debts, we can probably help

Grow your wealth

It’s not uncommon to save $250,000 between now and retirement

Financially protect yourself and the people you love

Have a plan that can survive an accident, illness, or even death

Save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a financial planner

Not to mention get fast, friendly service with way less paperwork

Monitor and update your plan as your life changes

Stay on track to your goals and see everything in one simple dashboard

Here’s Nicole to show you how it works

Nicole Prins is a Client Success Manager at Planswell. Her job is to make sure you’re enthusiastically satisfied!

You can’t get this kind of financial advantage anywhere else

The most powerful planning software

Your plan is created by a patent-pending financial planning engine unlike any other. You get step-by-step instructions to reduce your monthly expenses, save on fees, protect your wealth, build your investments, and reach your goals.

The ultimate dashboard

Your dashboard guides you through implementing your plan and allows you to keep track of it once it’s in place. You can always see what’s happening, and can quickly adapt your plan if anything ever changes.

Support from unbiased experts

You get on-demand access to unbiased financial advice from a team of salaried experts (not commissioned salespeople). You can use this support to get answers about any aspect of your plan or money in general.

Rob McMullen is a Harvard-trained expert at
Planswell. His job is to protect your best interests
when you make financial decisions.

The best value anywhere, period

When it comes to implementing your plan, we shop the market to find you the best deals for lending, investing and protection. We look for low interest rates, low fees, and cost-effective premiums. It’s like the traditional financial companies finally have to work for you. What a great feeling!

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In case you have questions...

Who are you?

We’re a Toronto-based team of experts in personal finance, data science and communications. We have CFPs, CAs, MBAs, PhDs. We’ve taught finance courses at the Rotman School of Management, contributed insights to CBC Radio, Report on Business and Investment Executive, and worked closely with dozens of traditional financial companies such as CIBC Wood Gundy, RBC Dominion Securities, Manulife and Investor’s Group.But even more importantly, we all believe that the outdated financial industry is in urgent need of an upgrade. Our mission is to deliver financial plans that are 100% in the best interests of clients like you every single time. Isn’t the future wonderful?

What’s a financial plan, anyway?


Simply put: A financial plan is a detailed, step-by-step strategy to hit your wealth goals and prevent you from downgrading your lifestyle. Whether you retire, send your kids to school, or stop working ahead of schedule, your plan is there to make sure you continue to enjoy the life you love.

Will this really work for me?


Why should I trust you?


Why do I need this now?


Why wouldn’t I just go to a bank?


I have a family member who is a financial advisor. Why would I use Planswell?


I just want returns. How does this actually make me more money?


Is this just a budgeting tool?


Does everyone in the financial industry just want to make commissions?


How is this different than any other robo-advisor?


My finances are so bad! There’s no way you guys can help me.


What happens if this doesn’t work for me?


Get unlimited expert advice with just a few clicks. We look forward to meeting you!

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