What is a Plan Pro?

The title of “Plan Pro” is reserved for our amazing personal finance specialists here at Planswell. Each Plan Pro will work with you one-on-one to understand your financial situation, answer any questions you might have, and provide you with guidance and (often brilliant) insights that will help you feel better about your money.

Meet a Plan Pro - Patrick and Tanya

Unbiased financial advice

The financial planning technology that supports our Plan Pros is totally unique. It’s a sophisticated algorithm that’s designed to maximize every dollar in your life. Our technology is built by a team of professional engineers and financial experts, and has successfully created over 120,000 unique financial plans for Canadians.

None of our Plan Pros are compensated on commission based on which products you buy. They’re only paid to assist you with implementing the recommendations of your plan, which are always mathematically sound and in your best interest. That’s a big difference compared to other financial companies.

Meet a Plan Pro - Kevin Lade

We recently had a client with thousands of dollars parked in a high-interest savings account waiting to make a big purchase. Some companies would have recommended transferring the money to them anyway, but we looked at his situation and recommended staying put. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t recommend that can mean the most to our clients.

- Gov Sharma, Senior Plan Pro

A passion for people

Our Plan Pros come from diverse backgrounds so they can understand and work with each of our clients and figure out how best to approach their finances. Yet, regardless of their backgrounds, every Plan Pro is united in their passion for helping Canadians take control of their finances. They’ve undergone extensive training to be great listeners, clear communicators and knowledgeable financial professionals.

Meet a Plan Pro - Andy

Creativity and collaboration

Everyone has their own unique financial stuff to deal with. No worries. Our Plan Pros will work as a group if necessary to figure out even the trickiest of situations. They’ll consult with our internal experts and engineers to find the solution that helps you get ahead the quickest.

Meet a Plan Pro - Julia, Alanna, Tanya

Once in a while a client comes along with a particularly complex financial situation. That’s when it’s all hands on deck. We’ll engage multiple teams inside the company to crunch the numbers and figure out a result that works for the client and gets them to their goals.

- Natalia Alvarez, Plan Pro

Above and beyond

Stories of our Plan Pros going the distance are legend here at Planswell. From taking calls at a family picnic to driving across town late at night, our Plan Pros will do whatever it takes to help you feel good about your money.

Meet a Plan Pro - Alyshahn

While our posted business hours are 9-5, Monday-Friday, those often aren’t the most convenient times for our clients. All of us here are more than happy to work at the time, and even place, that’s most convenient for them. We’ll do whatever it takes to make the process as seamless as possible.

- Andy Cosby, Senior Plan Pro


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