At Planswell, you have the opportunity to be part of something big. We deliver the world’s best financial plans to people from all walks of life for free. To do this, we need technically brilliant minds, creatively charged souls, and a big passion for making the financial industry a better, happier, more client-centric place. Here are some highlights of our culture: Teamwork
Our single best asset at Planswell is our team. Nothing is more important. Because of this we don’t always hire the absolute smartest person in the room, we hire the person who best fits our amazing and supportive culture. Entrepreneurialism
We encourage everyone on the team to basically run their own little startup inside Planswell. That is how we are able to simultaneously and aggressively pursue multiple traction channels. We encourage a true go-getter attitude. Alignment
Though our company is highly complex, we take pride in having everyone aligned to the same overriding vision. There are no silos at Planswell. From management to marketing to development, we communicate and share openly. Jobs openings:
Machine Learning Engineer
What is the opportunity? Planswell is looking for a passionate engineer, someone that can geek out about technology, and that loves to tinker things and build prototypes. If you are a problem solver and passionate about machine intelligence this is the perfect role for you. We are looking for engineers that are naturally curious about every aspect of machine learning systems. We are eager to see what you’ve built in the past. Be prepared to demonstrate passion projects that made you proud. What will you do? · Prototype new technologies in areas focusing on big data analytics and predictive behavior learning. Implement and demo applications powered by machine learning. · Data engineering and full-stack development of prototype applications · Optimize algorithms and research code for efficiency and scalability · Conduct experiments for evaluation of various machine learning technologies · Review scientific literature, report state-of-the-art and propose novel ways to solve problems · Present findings and demos to the Planswell team, investors and management What do you need to succeed? · Experience in one or more of the following areas: machine learning, natural language processing, recommendation systems, time series analysis, large-scale data mining and artificial intelligence. · Hands-on experience with fast prototyping using public libraries and Machine Learning APIs · Experience with Python, C#, C++, Scala or Java · MS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, or related quantitative field with 3 years of relevant experience, or Bachelor degree in related quantitative field with 5 years of relevant experience would be nice but a culture fit is more important.
Digital Growth Manager
· Manage all day-to-day operations of our US growth funnel, including ad trafficking, bid and budget management for the company’s paid digital channels and growth hacks. You’ll primarily use Google AdWords and Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. · Analyze all front end campaigns within the ad platforms (CTRs, CPCs, Avg. Position etc.) as well as proprietary back end data and website analytics to optimize conversions from our target audiences · Expand and test new opportunities and strategies to drive channel growth – be creative! · Traffic campaigns using both internal tracking system and advertiser / publisher platforms · Communicate performance and opportunities throughout the organization with frequent analysis and key metrics · Conceptualize, execute and measure A/B tests · Evaluate and advise on the use of new technologies, benchmarking trends and competitor data to stay at the forefront of digital marketing · Experience scaling companies using digital marketing · A self-starting, entrepreneurial mentality · Highly analytical mindset, including expertise with SQL and Excel. Experience with HTML and CSS are a plus · Hustle is essential. Executing quickly to allow for continual iteration is a core strength of our team