Financial Literacy Month is here and we're helping Canadians take control of their financial futures.

Financial literacy month - planswell

What is Financial Literacy Month?

November is Financial Literacy Month and we’re encouraging you to invest in your financial well-being and your financial future. This means taking control of your personal finances and reducing financial stress by building a financial plan, creating monthly budgets, and understanding your financial rights.  

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Why is financial literacy important?

Your financial literacy and well-being goes beyond just your finances. Feeling better about your money and taking control of your financial future leads to less stress in your personal life, increases your confidence and helps you focus on what’s important for you and your family.  

Planswell - Financial Literacy Month - Why its important

Playing our role in financial literacy

We believe that everyone should have financial peace of mind and feel better about their money. Because of that, we’re on a mission to help all Canadians take control of their financial futures without having to worry about sacrificing quality of life.

Planswell - Financial Literacy Month - Playing our role

Getting started with a financial plan

It all starts with a plan. Your (Planswell) financial plan will give you clear recommendations to optimize your borrowing, investing and insurance. It means knowing exactly what to do each month so you have enough money to enjoy every  single stage of your life. Now that’s something to feel good about. 

Planswell - Financial Literacy Month - Getting started with a plan

Financial literacy in Canada

62 - financial literacy month - Planswell

Average desired retirement age of Canadians who built a plan with Planswell.

77 - financial literacy month - Planswell

The amount of Canadians who are carrying consumer debt on a monthly basis.

3in5 - financial literacy month - Planswell

Parents who do not have education savings tucked away for their kids.

29 - financial literacy month - Planswell

Canadians who spend more than $500/month on consumer debt, eating into their savings.

2in3 - financial literacy month - Planswell

Parents whose kids are not protected by a life insurance policy.

half - financial literacy month - Planswell

Average portion of take home pay going to consumer debt.

Financial literacy starts with a plan!


Build your free plan

Answer about 40 questions in three minutes to create your plan.


Review your plan

You‘ll see exactly what to do each month. Talk to us if you have any questions.


Implement your plan

We‘ll guide you through each step. It‘s faster and cheaper than anywhere else.


The best financial plan is also the easiest.
Build your free plan today.