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What it’s really like working at Planswell

After making last year’s LinkedIn list of Canada’s 25 most sought-after startups we’ve been asked hundreds of times what it’s really like working here at Planswell. 

Rather than listing off all of those stereotypical reasons as to why you’d want to work for a top startup, you know… the pet-friendly office, catered lunches, unlimited vacation time, awesome parties (which all ring true), we figured we’d give you the most unbiased answer and let our employees speak for themselves. Here’s what they had to say:  


Abdullah Hussain, Client Success Operations

“Working at Planswell is like being a rockstar. You work really hard to be the best you can be; to create the best product you can create; to facilitate some kind of change in the reach you have. The best feeling though, is when you come back after a vacation and you know just how much you were missed as you are greeted with applause and hugs all the way to your desk. I mean if you like anything like that…”


Alyshahn Kara, Head of Sales

“The best part of working at Planswell is that everyone is aware and dedicated to the vision that we have with no misunderstanding of the fact that it is going to be difficult to achieve. We’re all rowing the boat in the same direction without any illusions. This makes it so much easier to be transparent and for everyone to know that everyday their actions are just as important as their colleagues or managers or top leadership.”


Claudia DoRego - Planswell

Claudia Do Rego, Marketing Coordinator

“Here at Planswell, creativity and innovation are encouraged. Everyone helps with everything, even if it’s not included in your job description. This leads to incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. Founders *and* employees work together, so you learn from the best.”


Gov Sharma, Sr. Plan Pro

“What I love about working at Planswell is really being in a position where we can prevent Canadians from shooting themselves in the foot when making financial decisions. We all have big financial goals and dreams, that are way too often hindered because of things like high penalties, locking in funds, or signing the dotted line on misaligned products. Providing truly unbiased advice gives our clients the peace of mind that what they are doing is 100% in THEIR best interest. It’s a good feeling coming to work everyday knowing that we’re all in it together for the right reasons.”


Jenny He - Planswell

Jenny He, Head of People Operations

“From the Persian rugs, to the friendly morning greetings, to the cheers and high fives across the floor when we celebrate small wins, Planswell feels like a family. Not just any family–one that’s real with one another, and encourages everyone to bring their whole selves to work. My favourite memories with my team are not just ones of laughter (though plenty), but also of tears, of pain, and of growth. This team makes me want to give it 100% every day. I feel valued by leadership, and have grown into a more confident leader under their guidance. It really doesn’t get better than that.”


Lauren Arnold - Planswell

Lauren Arnold, PR Manager

“The mission. Being able to help Canadian families get honest, unbiased financial planning and advice has been extremely rewarding. I love being able to go over to our Plan Pros and consistently crowd source amazing stories of families being helped by our product and our people. The team making this all happen is pretty awesome.”


Natalie Ronson, Developer

“Planswell has been an amazing learning opportunity for me. The mentorship I’ve experienced here has really allowed me to grow as a developer. The dev team feels like a very open environment that encourages asking questions and where everyone is supported in their career development. We also have AV club meetings and dedicated tool sharpening time every week.”


Nishi Rathod, Developer

“My favourite part of working at Planswell is that everyone here is playing for the same team. I have never worked at a place where everyone believed in the company’s vision, but Planswell is different. Every member of team Planswell has the same goal, and that’s ensuring Canadians have an unbiased financial plan. When your co-workers and company are motivated to help others that attitude spills over to make sure that everyone here is supported and encouraged to succeed. I am very proud to work at Planswell.”


Thiago De Oliveira, Business Development

“I love working at Planswell! Every day is a bit different than the last and the whole team is always super energetic to get down to business. I’m not sure if this was on purpose but somehow Planswell also has some of the funniest people to work with. Even something as simple as lunch can easily become a riot! One time, someone in the office brought in one of the hot sauces featured in the youtube show “Hot Ones” where celebrities eat really spicy wings and try to survive through an interview. Suffice to say – everyone’s stomachs hurt the next day!”


Know someone who’s looking for a career change? Maybe it’s yourself. We’re currently hiring for various roles and looking for rockstars to join our growing team. Head over to our careers page to see if there’s something that interests you.  



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