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You may be thinking about how to fund your retirement. If you have a young child, university tuition may be on your mind. And if you have debts, paying them off is almost surely a goal.

Goals like retiring in comfort, sending a child to school and living debt-free are nothing new. Historically, the problem has been that no single advisor or financial institution has been set up to help you achieve them.

For example, mutual funds that charge a management expense ratio (MER) of 2% or more of your money every year are not going to hand any of it back, even it means the difference between reaching your goals or not.

Banks that make a fortune selling fixed-rate mortgages are never going to recommend a variable rate mortgage that is much less profitable for them. And they surely won’t recommend paying off a loan or credit card with a high interest rate using a mortgage with a low interest rate.

Likewise, insurance companies that sell policies with layers of hidden fees and commissions have no incentive to pull back the curtain and help consumers find a better value.

And, even in a parallel universe where investment companies, banks, mutual funds, and insurers suddenly decided to be open and transparent, there still wouldn’t be a trusted person or company who could help you strike the perfect balance between what you want to achieve in life and the most financially intelligent way to make it come true.

Solving this problem is the reason Planswell exists.

We studied some of the most experienced financial planners in the world to understand how to build an optimal financial plan. Then we stripped away all the elements that eat up excess time and money, and built technology that can work faster and smarter than even the best human financial planner.

As a result, Planswell gives you a free online financial plan that is leaps and bounds better than anything else in the world in at least five different ways:

1. Simpler

You get a fully integrated financial plan without the need for an investment advisor, insurance agent or mortgage broker. You can create your financial plan in the comfort of your own home. If you want to speak with a financial expert, we’re here to help. But the process is so easy, chances are you’ll be able to take care of everything yourself.

2. Clearer

You get one affordable monthly contribution amount that covers your retirement and any other important financial goals. You will build your wealth, protect your family and minimize your borrowing costs with one single number. And rather than risk going off track, we’ll simply ask you to review your plan and update your number every six months or so. It couldn’t be clearer.

3. Cheaper

You’ll save significant fees and commissions compared to going to the bank or other financial company. Remember, most of the fees and commissions in the traditional financial world are hidden. They are deducted from your investment returns or buried in your interest rate or insurance premium. We’ve stripped these fees down so you get to keep more of your money.

4. Faster

You can set everything up online in minutes instead of spending days or weeks having meetings and doing paperwork. A typical human financial planner needs 10 to 30 hours and two or three meetings just to create a plan, never mind setting up investment accounts, insurance policies or a mortgage. We let you do it all online with a lot less hassle.

5. Smarter

Your plan is created with financial planning technology that optimizes your money with more precision than any human advisor. We’ll do more than 40 million calculations to make sure that every dollar you put into your plan works as hard as possible for you, and that you get the maximum amount of after-tax dollars back in your pocket when you need it.

Canada’s major banks and insurance companies were founded around the same time our country was founded. And, for the past 150 years, they have become so entrenched in our lives that we tend to think of them as quasi-governmental, and almost the only choice available to us as consumers.

But now it’s time to think about the next 150 years. Or, for that matter, even the next 15 years. You expect a certain degree of service, honesty and value when you buy a pair of pants or a car or a smartphone. Shouldn’t your financial services provider be held to at least the same standard?

Don’t you deserve a simplified process that gives you clear financial advice at a fair price with prompt service and a smart, mathematically irrefutable outcome that’s actually in your best interest? We believe the answer is yes.


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