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Meet Chris, designer at Planswell

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Chris Baldesarra is a designer here at Planswell. From our website to our financial planning engine, Chris works to make everything look great and function intuitively. When he’s not making financial planning a beautiful thing, he’s probably beating his colleagues at Nintendo or shooting Nerf guns around the office (at least until we had to declare a ceasefire).

Here’s a transcript if you’d rather read:

My roots are in art – in high school that’s sort of what led me to design. A lot of it is just sort of things that just strike me in the moment.  You can check my Dribbble account or my Instagram account. You’ll see little random things I’ll just do sort of on the weekends or on Sundays. But I would definitely say I’m a “designer” in sort of the true sense, in that design is sort of art that’s goal is to solve a problem.

I had already started investing through a robo-advisor (I won’t mention their name). So I was basically on the path to just sort of shuck money away into a robo-advisor for the rest of my life like, you know, that seemed fine with me. I had never considered anything regarding insurance, never thought about that aspect of protecting the money I was putting away. I never thought about anything to do with mortgages.

When a co-worker told me about the company and basically told me what Planswell’s vision was, was to bring financial plans to Canada and that sort of peace of mind, I was totally on board with it.

My ideal outcome in terms of my design pursuits is to make financial planning and finances completely approachable and just make sense. So I feel like, in a world where finances are often sort of confusing and obfuscated, I feel like it’s very, very important to make things as simple as possible.

I recently finished a second design, sort of a re-design, of the website. I feel like what I was saying in terms of making things approachable, making things make sense is definitely sort of at the heart of that re-design of the website. So we definitely wanted people to land on the website, understand Planswell, understand the value, and then feel like they can dive in right away.

I don’t want to toot Nike’s horn, but “Just Do It” is a good one. Honestly, I think they got it right the first time. A lot of people over-complicate things… Just do it. We should just put a big swoosh on that one.


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