Each day, thousands of Canadians build a Planswell financial plan. They can’t meet at a coffee shop, but they want to talk to someone…


The perfect intros

Using machine learning and data science, we introduce users most likely to become your client.


Remote and mobile ready

Access, make changes, and walk them through their plan, over the phone in real-time.


Manage your clients

View, sort, and make notes on all of your clients in one easy interface


Unbelievably user friendly

No other company builds financial plans for Canadians at this rate.


Holistic done right

Know when to retire, how much to draw, where it will come from, and how to get there.

  • Tax optimized RRSP, TFSA, RESP, & Non-Reg allocation
  • Precise Term Life, Critical illness, and Disability recommendations
  • Debt optimization, mortgage refinancing, and real estate strategy

200,000 plans built

Thousands of clients have trusted Planswell around the world. Many have asked for assistance with implementing their plan on the very first call. Most clients need assistance with insurance to protect their families, monthly contributions to tax optimized investments for the future, financing for real estate, and overall guidance on their financial plan.


Proven system

Our team has trained advisors how to use Planswell in six countries so far.

  • We hired top experts from multiple remote-service industries
  • Best practices refined over tens of thousands of client calls
  • Seamless process for virtual planning and rapid success
  • Top producers say it’s the best system they’ve ever had

Start right now - Risk Free!

Your membership is 100% refundable for the first six days.

Planswell is an amazing product with very helpful advisors! I pride myself on being knowledgeable about money management, but I learned more in my first phone call with a Planswell representative than I had learned on my own in a whole year. I am completely satisfied with Planswell and more especially with their staff who are incredibly knowledgeable and very happy to educate those interested in learning more. I highly recommend them.
Melissa C.
I came across one of their surveys online and liked some of the recommendations they made so I went in to see one of their financial planners. When I got there they taught me so much about what I needed and why I needed it. I highly recommend anyone to ask advice with these guys. Experience and value wise I’d take them over a major bank every single time.
Christopher T.
I was referred by my most financially savvy family member, and I can easily see why! My investment strategy has already benefited hugely from Andy Cosby's expertise, and it's exciting to see what can be achievable with an informed financial plan in place. Looking forward to working further with the team!
Christine S.
As a divorce mediator, I can confidently say that a financial company like Planswell is long overdue. I feel comfortable when referring clients as I know they will get honest, valuable and beneficial advice. Plus, they will be treated with sensitivity and care! Keep up the great work!
Laura T.