We are striving to build the world’s safest & most inclusive place to work.

Our goal is to achieve a culture that positively impacts our clients, partners, shareholders, competitors and everyone else Planswell reaches. We are also on a mission to provide the world’s most actionable financial planning experience to everyone, for free.

We have a zero-tolerance policy

The physical and psychological safety of our employees and the people we interact with is more important than anything else we do.  Unlike other areas of our business where we encourage learning through mistakes and failure, mistakes, and failure to adhere to our Code of Conduct and Workplace Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination policy will not be tolerated. These policies are signed by every employee, contractor, advisor, and board member. By using Planswell’s services in any way, you are also agreeing to them, just like our terms of use and privacy policy.  Links to these policies can also be found on the home page of Planswell.com.